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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you can't find the answer to your question you can contact support by email at

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Simply choose a unit that meets your criteria, and click the “Book Now” button to begin the reservation process. When making the reservation, make sure you have covered your arrival and departure dates, number of adults and children, and any pets you want to bring along, as well as any special needs that you might have.

If you do not see the option to "Book Now" you must first contact the management company by clicking the “Contact Manager” button. You will be asked to fill out a short form that captures some basic information, and a reservations agent from the management company will contact you shortly to complete your booking.

You will always have the chance to review the policies for the rental before you confirm you reservation as part of the booking process on Most managers will also provide their policies and a rental agreement in their follow-up email after your booking is made. In the rare case that you don’t receive that soon after your booking and you would like to have a copy in email, simply contact the rental manager at the email address or phone number provided in your booking confirmation.

Q: What type of deposit and payment due dates can I expect?

A: Deposit and cancellation policies vary by agency so be sure to read all of the material provided to you on the website before you book your stay. It is important that all payments be submitted as specified in the rental agreement or reservation policy in order to avoid losing your reservation and/or your booking deposit.

In addition to the booking deposit, you may also be asked to provide a refundable security deposit either at the time of booking or upon arrival. Specifics related to the security deposit, including property maintenance, damages and additional fees such as telephone or cleaning charges, should be detailed in the rental agreement or reservation policy.

Q: Where can I find details on check-in times, pets, etc.?

A: The rental agreement or reservation policy will provide you with terms related to check-in and checkout times, maximum occupancy, pet policies, cancellation conditions, and maintenance of the rental. You may also want to contact the agency directly via the contact information provided to you in your confirmation e-mail with any additional questions that you have.

Q: How do I contact the rental agency that manages the unit I’ll be staying in if I have questions?

A: All bookings made through will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include the contact information for the vacation rental agency that manages the unit you will be staying in.

Q: How do I retrieve information about my reservation if I have lost it?

A: You can retrieve your itinerary by clicking on my itineraries.

Q: How are cancellations and refunds handled?

A: The cancellation policy associated with your rental agreement or confirmation will clearly communicate penalties associated with canceling your contract. The policies may vary from one agency to the next, so be sure to read all of the material provided to you and call the agency if you have any questions.

Travel insurance is another way to protect your vacation investment if unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel your trip. Many agencies offer travel insurance, and provide it as an option when you book your rental through

Q: What about travel arrangements?

A: The agency that will be your hosts during your stay will be able to advise you on your travel arrangements, including the most convenient airports, car rentals, and alternative transportation options.

Q: What type of pre arrival instructions should I expect?

A: You will receive an email from the rental manager with arrival information and other details about your stay. Some agencies will provide directions to the unit and others will require that you check in at their rental office first. If you have any questions about your stay, your rental manager will be happy to answer those questions for you.

Q: What happens when I arrive at the property?

A: Some agencies send you a key in advance, some have an office nearby and will meet you or have you come to the office first, and some arrange for their representative to meet you at the property. If you are delayed, it is courteous to inform the agency of your estimated arrival time.

Q: What if there is a problem during my vacation?

A: One of the advantages of renting from a professional vacation rental manager is having a local contact who can assist you with your needs. The confirmation you receive from the rental manager will have local contact information for you.

Q: What happens when I leave?

A: The instructions provided to you will typically include check out policies. If not, the rental office will be able to provide check out instructions.

When you are ready to leave, a representative from the rental agency should check you out of the property, and assuming there is no damage, refund your security deposit if one was required, according to their policy.

Q: How do I know the rentals are legitimate?

A: The online service ClearStay provides for vacationers is comparable to that offered by any other online travel provider. Many of the agencies advertising their units have been in business for years and have an impressive track record in providing quality service.

Q: I own or manage a vacation rental unit. How can I get my unit on

A: exclusively lists properties managed by professional vacation rental managers. We believe managers are in the best position to provide guests with the level of consistency and support services that ensure a great visit. If you are a manager and want to list with ClearStay, we offer easy tools for you to add your units to the premier vacation rental directory for professional property managers. If you are an owner, we suggest you work with a property manager in your area. If you are interested in finding a manager in your area, contact ClearStay customer support – we’d be happy to put you in contact with a vacation rental manager.

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Guest Checklist

  1. Make reservations early:
    Planning ahead and booking early provides you maximum choice and access to the optimal rental units. Avoiding last minute bookings can often save you money. Last minute renters invariably have to settle for fewer amenities and/or a higher price.

  2. Don't miss deadlines for deposits and payments:
    Missed payment deadlines can result in a forfeiture of monies and a cancellation of your reservation.

  3. Know your cancellation policy:
    It’s encouraged that you get a clear cancellation policy in writing. Be prepared to sacrifice at least a portion of your deposit should you have to cancel. Some agencies have non-refundable cancellation policies during peak travel times, such as holidays, in which you could lose your entire deposit. Travel Insurance is a great way to help protect your vacation investment should you have to cancel at the last minute.

  4. Get complete instructions in advance:
    Pre-arrival instructions should include details on how to gain entry to the rental, keys, the agency’s contact information, or that of a local representative should be made available. If keys are forwarded to you the name of a local contact should be provided to you in the event unforeseen problems occur.