The ClearStay Difference exclusively offers vacation rental homes managed by professionals dedicated to providing great experiences for their guests. Renting from professional vacation rental managers on can make a big difference:

  » Past guest reviews
  » Last minute deal offers
  » Clean, professionally maintained homes
  » Smooth check-in
  » Accurate photos and descriptions
  » Property managers who are familiar with the area
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The comfort of your own vacation home with the convenience of booking a well known hotel. Makes Renting Easier than Ever is the easiest and most trustworthy place to book a vacation rental. From availability information to descriptions and rates, at the information is 100% accurate. We exclusively offer vacation rental homes managed by professionals dedicated to providing great experiences for their guests.

Past guest reviews
We are the only site to offer ratings and reviews written and submitted by guests who have actually stayed in the unit identified. This is the most credible form of user feedback and motivates property managers to deliver the highest quality experience.

Accurate availability
With you will never again have to call or send emails to find out whether a home is available since ClearStay availability calendars are always accurate -- up to the second.

Last minute deal offers enables property managers to discount their vacation homes based on how many days are remaining before the date expires. This gives you the opportunity to get an even better deal on your vacation lodging.

Accurate rate quotes   
With, you will receive complete and accurate rate quotes online, 24/7.

Click and you're done
With ClearStay, you can choose from thousands of vacation homes, and we make booking your vacation home online as easily as a booking a hotel room.

Welcome to, the best way to book vacation rentals.

Renting from Professional Rental Managers

Your financial information is safe and secure
You should never have to worry about sending a check or using a credit card to book a vacation home. homes are managed by professionals who keep your financial information safe and secure.

Clean, well-maintained homes's professional managers have reliable housekeepers who make sure every home is clean when you arrive. After all, no one wants to arrive at their vacation home to find dirty dishes in the sink.

Accurate photos and descriptions     
What you see when you walk in the front door should be just what you saw on the Web. Professional managers who work with make sure your vacation home will live up to their promises.

Smooth check-in
You shouldn't have to look under a rock on the patio for a house key. With, your check-in will be smooth and easy through professionals who work hard to make your check-in easy and convenient.

Help when you need it
Sometimes you need some local help after you've settled in. It might be figuring out how to your turn on the hot tub or fireplace, or getting help if you lose the house keys. ClearStay managers are based locally and are ready to help with any of the little (or big) things you might need.

Property managers who are familiar with the area
Need a recommendation for a great restaurant or sightseeing trips of the area? rental homes are managed by people who live in the area where you are staying.  So if anyone knows the local hot spots, they will!

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